How many sides does it take to make a meal?

So you've chosen your main dish, but you still long for the perfect side dish to complete your masterpiece of a meal. Perhaps a side salad with cherry tomatoes or maybe some cheese wafers to add a dash of crunch and contrast? Maybe you're all in and planing to load up with our fully stuffed potato for a buttery, cheesy, sour cream and crispy bacon buzz?

Then again, you've scrolled the page and you're suddenly overwhelmed with delightfully colorful options! You're feeling a bit like a child in an ice cream parlor. I mean, you'd planned to take a quart of your favorite prepared salad home. However, now you're having visions of your very own extra large cracker cone filled with scoops of beautifully prepared salads. Wait a second. Such a thing doesn't even exist... but should it?