Drinks and Beverages

Regardless to if you call them drinks or beverages, this usually isn't the most exiting category, right? But the fact remains that when placing a pick up order, it's going to be convenient to have something to quench your thirst, clear your pallet and sip on while enjoying your favorite Southern foods.

However, while most restaurants offer up the usual suspects, you should know that our iced teas are anything but usual. And what Southern meal is complete without iced tea? We brew ours fresh and serve it up by the gallon, half gallon or cup. Choose from the traditional and addictive Sweet tea. Or maybe you'd like it Unsweetened? We also serve up our own Sweet and Unsweetened Strawberry tea. Fancy!

For those of you that need your daily dose of carbonation, we carry a variety of Coca-Cola products to choose from including Lemonade. Finally, feel free to keep it super simple and include an ice cold glass of water. South Carolina definitely brings the heat, so stay hydrated folks.