Pies built by Inman's finest dessert architects

Delightful Dishes can whip up some pies like nobody's business. So now it's on you to decide the one you, a friend, or you AND a friend are going to feast on. Will it be Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie or simply Pecan Pie? Maybe you're leaning towards Peanut Butter or Buttermilk Coconut. You could play it safe with the always popular Chocolate Creme Pie. Or is this just one of those days when nothin' will do but fresh Lemon Meringue? Life's hard with so many choices. Maybe you should just try to narrow it down to two? Enjoy!

You might even find fresh, designer pies by our very own resident dessert architect hanging around in our Daily Specials section! It could also be worth a store visit to see what sweet surprises await!