Inman deli improves its successful recipe

Successful recipes at Delightful Dishes - Inman SC

Yes, Delightful Dishes had been opened over a decade by 2009. Indeed, we confess that we hadn’t had to change our successful recipes much as written by the press. In fact, we believe the author of the referenced article was making a positive and profound point: Our time-tested, proven recipes catering to loyal customers had become local classics.

Still tasting the personal touch at Delightful Dishes

The Personal Touch at Delightful Dishes

Thank you Inman for the long time local love! You’ve been amazing, supporting Delightful Dishes for over twenty years in Inman, SC. For that, we’d like to start off by thanking all of you for your kind, thoughtful words. It’s those “word of mouth” mentions about our café and catering home hidden away in Inman that get us recognized in articles as far back as 2002.