About Delightful Dishes

If you really want to know about The Dish, we invite you to visit.

Sure, we could ramble on and on about us; but we’d rather let our salads (best chicken salad around), our casseroles, our delightful desserts and our full lunch menu speak for themselves. So, consider this a formal invitation to treat yourself to a fresh lunch at The Dish! 

Betsy Pearson

Baking has been Betsy’s passion since she can remember so owning her own bakery/restaurant just makes sense. This isn’t just a job for her, it’s about the joy of creating dishes that delight her customers. She’s mixin’ it up daily!

Ginger McGuire

Ginger is an Inman native and enjoys dishing up goodness to regulars and first timers alike. So, if you’re new to the Dish, please say hello.

Team Dish
Public Relations

Here’s the thing: We love our staff. The crew at Delightful Dishes brings our busy lunches together! From cooking to serving, front of the house to back, you’ll love them too.

IT Department
Chief Technology Officer

When cooking is your calling, you’re preoccupied with your next masterpiece meal, not the next help desk ticket. However, If you do need tech assistance, we’ll do our best to get your issue resolved… by one of the kids.